There are some noise in the image. What should I do?

21 Jun 2021
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In case the image output on the display screen is too dark, or too bright, please check the following; 

1. Check if the video cable is correctly connected, or if there is any improper converter, distributor, or switcher between the camera and the monitor. Some unqualified cable connectors or video signal converters may result in poor video quality. 

2. Check if the power cable and/or the video cable are excessively long. Please consult with the cable manufacturer for the safe distance of the video cable, especially for the SDI cables. 

3. Check if the camera is working at the standard operating temperature specified in the manual - 

4. Check if the Gain, Aperture, and Noise Reduction values are correctly set. 

5. Check if the operating illuminance of the camera is excessively low.